Entrée & Sides

Below is a sample of our menu options available. Custom menu’s also available upon request and encouraged!

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Mushroom lasagna (veg)

Creamed mushrooms with taleggio cheese cream

Vegetable paella (veg)

Pan fried rice with seasonal vegetables

Baked Halibut

Lightly seared then baked halibut with roasted celery root and pernod sauce

Baked Atlantic salmon

Baked salmon with a charaimeh sauce

Pan fried trout

Pan fried with a golden beet and orange salsa

Roasted chicken breast

Roasted chicken breast with sumac and za’atar

Pork tenderloin

Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with a sage veloute sauce

Seared duck breast

Seared duck breast (served MR) with cherries and port sauce

Roasted lamb rack

Roasted rack of lamb with a thyme and honey glaze

Seared beef tenderloin

Seared beef tenderloin with a green pepper cream sauce

Braised beef Short rib

Braised beef short rib with Sauté green beans and chili


Roasted potatoes with artichokes and cherry tomatoes

Potato dauphinoise

Kosheri (basmati rice with fresh herbs)

Potatoes Provencal

Potato and rutabaga puree

Roasted cauliflower and cabbage

Grilled Zucchini and roasted red peppers

Creamy polenta

Sauté green beans with Chili

Sauté broccoli with garlic and ginger

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