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Below is a sample of our menu options available. Custom menu’s also available upon request and encouraged!

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Appetizer Salads

Mix green salad (v)

Mix greens with carrots, cherry tomatoes English cucumber and light vinaigrette

Cucumber and tomato salad (veg)

Cored cucumbers tossed with tomatoes and red onions with a creamy poppy seed dressing

Caesar salad (veg)

Romaine lettuce tossed in a classic Caesar dressing with parmesan and croutons

Roasted beet with orange segments (v)

Mix greens with orange segments, roasted beets and red onion, raspberry sherry vinaigrette

Kohlrabi (veg)

Blanched kohlrabi with mix greens tossed in a crème fraise dressing

Panzenella (veg)

Mix green salad with tomatoes, capers, cucumber and onion served with anchovies and croutons

Endive & pear (veg)

Lightly seared endive with poached pears and crumbled blue cheese

Mozzarella caprese (veg)

Beefsteak tomatoes with mozzarella and basil with fine diced red onions and white balsamic vinaigrette

Appetizer Soups

Gazpacho (v)

Spicy chilled soup with tomato, onions, cucumbers and peppers

Tomato bisque (veg)

Creamy tomato soup

Red lentil and chard (v)

Red lentils cooked in a curry vegetable broth with swiss chard

Roasted red pepper (veg)

Roasted red peppers and tomatoes with a click of sour cream

French onion

Caramelized yellow onions in a beef broth served with a gruyere crostini

Smoked trout chowder

Creamy fish broth with smoked trout and celery root

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